Introducing the Pebble Charm, a Unique Keepsake Inspired by Antiquity

Our handcrafted Pebble Charm is a delightful fusion of nature’s beauty and the timeless elegance of ancient Greece. Each charm features a natural pebble adorned with a metallic element that bears the enigmatic motif of Penelope of Ithaca.

A Touch of Personalization

The charm can be customized to bear the name of your choice, whether it be Ithaki or another name that holds special meaning to you. This thoughtful detail adds a touch of individuality to your cherished keepsake.

Natural Elegance

We embrace the inherent beauty of nature by using genuine pebbles. Each pebble is unique in size and shape, ensuring that your charm will be a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The organic texture of the pebble complements the shimmering metallic accents, creating a harmonious blend of earth and artistry.

Versatile Charm for Special Occasions

Whether you’re planning a wedding or a baptism, our Pebble Charm makes a perfect favor for your guests. Its timeless design and meaningful symbolism will be treasured for years to come. They also add a touch of rustic charm to any jewelry collection or home décor.

A Reflection of Our Commitment to Quality

We meticulously craft each Pebble Charm by hand, using high-quality materials that guarantee longevity. Rest assured that the product you receive will be as exquisite as the image you see, with only slight variations due to the natural elements we incorporate.

Embrace the Ancient Spirit of Ithaca

Penelope, the legendary queen of Ithaca, was a paragon of loyalty, patience, and unwavering hope. Let our Pebble Charm with Penelope motif serve as a reminder of these enduring virtues and the enduring spirit of the ancient Greeks.

Size (approximately): 7-9cm

Available on back-order

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Pebble Charm with Penelope Motif

Available on back-order

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