Introducing our delightful Pebble Charm with Flower Motif and Lyrics – a perfect gift to spread joy and love!

Crafted with care, each charm is adorned with a delicate flower motif and your choice of a special lyric or phrase. We’ll inscribe it on a natural pebble, a canvas shaped by time and nature itself. No two charms will be exactly alike, just like the cherished moments they represent.

These pebbles hold a touch of magic, becoming a timeless keepsake. They’re perfect for weddings, baptisms, or any occasion where you wish to mark a special milestone with a unique touch. Whether it’s a romantic line or a playful tune, the lyrics on our Pebble Charm will evoke memories and bring a smile to faces.

Each Pebble Charm is a work of art, hand-crafted from natural materials. Slight variations in size and shape add to their individuality, making every piece a reminder of the beauty found in nature.

Spread joy, love, and inspiration with our Pebble Charms. They’re ideal for gift-giving or creating your own special collection. Contact us for wholesale inquiries and let these charms become a beacon of happiness in your life!

Size (approximately): 6cm

Available on back-order

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Pebble Charm with Flower Motif and Lyrics

Available on back-order

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