Prepare to be enchanted by our Pebble Charm with Cat & Moon Motif, a whimsical masterpiece that will ignite your spirits and bring a smile to your face. Each charm is lovingly handcrafted, combining a natural pebble and a captivating metallic element. The pebble, a gift from nature, embraces imperfections and uniqueness, making every charm a one-of-a-kind treasure.

As the centerpiece of this enchanting creation, you’ll find the adorable Cat & Moon Motif, meticulously etched with precision. The playful cat, with its curious gaze and graceful silhouette, dances under the celestial glow of the moon, creating a scene that evokes both wonder and tranquility.

Upon request, we can personalize your charm with the name “Ithaki” or any other cherished name that holds special meaning to you, transforming it into a truly bespoke keepsake. The charm you receive will be slightly different from the one pictured, as we embrace the natural variations in size and shape of our pebbles. These subtle differences add to the charm’s allure, making each one a unique expression of nature’s artistry.

Whether you seek a thoughtful gift for a special occasion like a wedding or baptism favor or simply a delightful treat for yourself, our Pebble Charm with Cat & Moon Motif is an ideal choice. Its delicate beauty and heartfelt sentiment are sure to bring immeasurable joy to the recipient or become a treasured adornment in your own cherished collection.

For those seeking a larger quantity, we offer wholesale options. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and bring the magic of our Pebble Charms to your customers or event guests. Embrace the whimsical spirit and let these charming creations ignite smiles and spread happiness wherever they go!

Size (approximately): 4-6cm

Available on back-order

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Pebble Charm with Cat & Moon Motif

Available on back-order

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