Keep your outdoor space fresh and litter-free with this handcrafted ceramic ashtray.

  • Eliminate Smoke Odors: Crafted from odor-absorbing ceramic, this ashtray traps unpleasant cigarette smells, keeping your patio or balcony smelling fresh.
  • Windproof Design: The tall sides prevent ash from scattering in the wind, ensuring a clean and mess-free experience.
  • Artful Touch: This ashtray isn’t just functional, it’s beautiful! The artisanal, handcrafted design adds a decorative element to any outdoor space.
  • Compact Size: Measuring 6 x 9 x 9 cm, this ashtray finds its place on any table or balcony railing without taking up too much room.

This ashtray is the perfect solution for responsible outdoor smoking. Enjoy a cigarette without worrying about lingering smells or unsightly ash. It’s both functional and stylish, making it a great addition to any outdoor space.

The Ceramics are made with care and entirely by human hands. The are baked at 1040 degrees Celsius. The glazes are non-toxic (free of lead, cadmium) and audited by the General State Laboratory ARAL which certifies that our ceramic meet the requirements of Regulation No. 1935/2004

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Outdoor Ashtray
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