Introducing “Marpissa” our Handcrafted Mirror, a stunning piece of art made with love and care. Each mirror is uniquely crafted with natural pebbles, stones, driftwood, glass, and shells collected from the picturesque beaches of Ithaki.

Just like the legendary beauty of Marpissa, our mirror exudes elegance and grace. The story of Marpissa’s love and choices inspires us to embrace our own uniqueness and make decisions that reflect our true selves. 

Please note that each mirror is one-of-a-kind, as the natural materials used vary in size and shape. This means that the mirror you receive will be a special and exclusive piece, unlike any other.

Bring a touch of the enchanting beauty of Ithaki into your home with our Handcrafted Mirror. Let it remind you to embrace your individuality and make choices that resonate with your heart. Add a touch of inspiration to your space with this exquisite piece of art.

Marpissa was the beautiful daughter of Evninou, king of the Aetolians. Seeing by Idas running on a chariot drawn by horses of Poseidon on the water, fell in love and grabbed her. The Evninos pursuing him, but when he realized that he would not catch up with him, he fell into the river and drowned. Since then, the river was named after him. Her beauty also charmed Apollo, who grabbed her from Ida. Then Ida prepared to killed him but Zeus separated them with a lightning, saying that they should respect the decision of Marpissa. Marpissa chose Idas.

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Marpissa (Μάρπησσα)

Available on back-order

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