Embrace the Uniqueness of Nature with the Aeolus Mirror

Named after the Greek god of the winds, the Aeolus Mirror is a handcrafted masterpiece that captures the untamed beauty of Ithaki. Each piece is meticulously created using natural treasures like pebbles, stones, driftwood, glass, and shells, all ethically sourced from the island’s picturesque beaches.

Just like the ever-shifting winds, each Aeolus Mirror is one-of-a-kind. The organic materials ensure no two mirrors are exactly alike, with variations in the size, shape, and color of the elements. This ensures you receive a truly unique piece of art that reflects the island’s character.

Gaze into the mirror and be transported to the shores of Ithaki. The natural textures and colors evoke the calming presence of the sea, while the driftwood adds a touch of rustic charm.

More than just a mirror, the Aeolus is a reminder of nature’s power and beauty. It embodies the resilience and perseverance of Odysseus, who overcame numerous challenges on his journey home.

Bring a piece of Ithaki into your home and celebrate the uniqueness of nature. The Aeolus Mirror serves as a daily reminder of the strength and beauty found in the natural world.

Available on back-order

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Aeolus (Αίολος)

Available on back-order

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