Named after the kind and compassionate Ifthimi, daughter of Penelope’s sister, this handcrafted candle holder brings a touch of Ithaki’s warm comfort to your home. Each piece is meticulously crafted using pebbles and shells ethically sourced from the island’s picturesque beaches.

Embrace the individuality of this creation. The natural variations in the stones and shells ensure your one-of-a-kind Ifthimi candle holder will be a truly special treasure. While the image provides inspiration, remember that nature’s artistry is ever-changing, making your piece truly unique.

This rustic yet elegant candle holder evokes the warmth and serenity of Ithaki, a haven for weary travelers like Odysseus, reminding us of the power of comfort and compassion. It’s a conversation starter and a reminder of the island’s enduring spirit, perfect for yourself or a loved one who appreciates the simple beauty of nature and the power of kindness.

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Ifthimi (Ιφθίμη)

Available on back-order

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