Set sail on a sea of charm with our exquisite Pebble Charm, hand-crafted with a metallic sailboat motif dancing gracefully upon a natural pebble. Each charm is a unique masterpiece, as we lovingly select and hand-paint natural pebbles, celebrating the beauty and diversity of nature.

Personalized with Your Heart’s Desire

Embark on a journey of personalization as we etch “Ithaki” or any name you cherish upon your pebble charm. This thoughtful touch transforms it into a treasured keepsake, carrying a special message that will sail through time.

Embrace the Imperfection of Nature

Embrace the enchanting beauty of imperfection as each pebble we use is a canvas of nature’s artistry, boasting its own distinct size and shape. No two charms are alike, adding a touch of exclusivity to your treasured possession.

A Vessel of Blessings

Elevate your wedding or baptism favors with the charm of our Pebble Charms. Adorned with the symbol of a sailboat, a timeless representation of hope and adventure, they promise to sail your guests through a sea of happiness and joy.

Tailored to Your Vision

Our team is ready to assist you in creating the perfect collection for your special occasion. Contact us for wholesale options and let us craft a nautical symphony of pebble charms that will forever sail with you on your journey of joy.

 Size (approximately): 9cm X 9cm

Available on back-order

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Pebble Charm with Sailboat Motif

Available on back-order

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