Embrace Wisdom & Wit: Handmade Ceramic Pythagoras Cup

Known as the “Greedy Cup,” this clever vessel embodies the wisdom and ingenuity of Pythagoras, one of antiquity’s most brilliant minds. Designed to hold only a moderate amount of wine, it playfully punishes greed – if the user overfills the cup, its entire contents spill out!

Imagine the humorous lesson it teaches, serving as a testament to the importance of moderation and the value of self-control. Embrace a piece of history with this handcrafted ceramic replica, a testament to both Pythagorean philosophy and the playful spirit of ancient Greece.

Available in various colors

The Ceramics are made with care and entirely by human hands. The are baked at 1040 degrees Celsius. The glazes are non-toxic (free of lead, cadmium) and audited by the General State Laboratory ARAL which certifies that our ceramic meet the requirements of Regulation No. 1935/2004

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Pythagoras Cup
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