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Delivery Information

For Internal shipping:

1. Simple Mail Post Office. You will need to receive your parcel from the post office in your area from where they call you. Your package will reach the average local ELTA store in 4 working days. You can track your package here

Shipping cost

For parcel >= 3kg shipping cost 1.50 EUR

For every extra kilo over the 3 additional cost of 0.50 euros per kilo.

The pay on delivery charge to the total cost you 2.50 euros.

2. Express: Our shop collaborates with ACS Courier and ELTA couriers (door to door). We can reach agreement on the longer of the two companies serve better our company but reserves the right depending on the specificities of each mission to choose the company with which the shipment of products will take place. In remote and inaccessible areas may need to collect your order from the local agency ELTA.

For parcel as 5 kg shipping costs are 8 euros

For each additional kg over 5 extra cost of 2 euros per kilo.

The delivery charge your total cost 4.5 euros.


3. A transport company: Senders with shipping company selected high volume products missions and weight and wholesale sales. You can select the shipping company that serves you. For shipments with shipping company are not accepted cash on delivery and must be chosen another way of payment order

The cost of shipping company from our headquarters (Ithaca) to Athens or Thessaloniki for a simple parcel of about 7 kg is 5.5 Euro.

For orders over 80 euros, up to 5 pounds, shop assumes free shipping to your area. (With Simple Mail post office and in some cases transport company).

For international shipping, please contact us.